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Chain Hoists

Chain hoists are a versatile lifting tool used in manufacturing, maintenance and distribution to transport or transfer heavy materials. As one of the most important components of an overhead crane system, the chain hoist is the device that physically performs the lifting and lowering of a load.

Designed to manoeuvre and position heavy loads safely and efficiently, chain hoists minimise the potential risks to personnel and property, while ensuring the transported goods make it to their intended destination intact.

Why use a chain hoist?

Not everyone has access to a crane or a winch. And if they do, they often don’t have the proper accessories and attachments to safely move everything they need to. That’s where chain hoists come in.

Owing to their portability, light weight, and relative ease of operation, chain hoists are a commonplace utility item in many workplaces, designed to lift or lower heavy loads with the use of a lift-wheel and a continuous chain lifting medium. An industrial chain hoist is a simple, effective, and robust piece of lifting equipment which, depending on the configuration, can be set up to handle much greater weights than its lever hoist counterpart.

Chain hoists can be found in use throughout New Zealand across a wide range of industrial, construction, and logistical operations.

What are the three types of chain hoists?

There are three main types of chain hoists – air, electric, and manual, with each designed to serve an intended purpose:

Air hoists

Used where there is an explosive element present (e.g. paint booths), air hoists are pneumatically powered hoist devices which can be operated in volatile explosive-risk environments. Air hoists are moisture and dust resistant, and are considered to be relatively quiet and precise devices, but require a constant supply of compressed air and regular cleaning of the air filters to operate effectively.

Electric chain hoists

Typically used in heavy duty lifting, electric chain hoists offer more flexibility in that the load can be moved horizontally as well as vertically. As such, they are better suited to more demanding workstations and heavier loads, and are typically capable of lifting to greater heights than manual chain hoists or air hoists. Electric chain hoists can be used on an overhead crane, a workstation crane, or with a jib crane. The versatility and power of electric chain hoists make them an ideal solution for many lifting applications.

Manual chain hoists

The manual and air designs include reduction gears, hook pivots and swivels. Suspended by a top hook or by a push or geared trolley that aims to slowly and carefully move objects by making height adjustments, air chain hoists and manual chain hoists are perfect for any environment where electricity is impractical or unavailable. Due to the lack of power, manual chain hoists boast comparatively low profiles and reduced weight, and reduce the need for daily operation, making them perfect for environments where an occasional lifting capability is required.

Stratalign chain hoists

As New Zealand’s industrial hoist experts, we supply a range of top quality electric, air, and manual chain hoists. We’ve used our extensive industry knowledge to handpick reputable brands that we know are reliable and safe, ensuring our customers get the right lifting solution product, without having to compromise on quality.

We offer an array of chain hoist options including:

  • Manually operated, electrically powered, or pneumatically driven motors
  • Weight capacities varying from 250kg up to heavy 50,000kg loads
  • Lifting heights up to 6 metres or greater for higher applications
  • Clean room application options.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Chain hoists can play an important role in many material handling operations, but, as with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the proposed usage meets the appropriate application and does not exceed technical limitations.

Our knowledgeable team of problem solvers can help you to choose the correct chain hoist setup for your situation, improving the efficiency and safety of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the “right tool for the job”.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for a consultation and quote.

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