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Forklift Extensions

Forklift extensions increase a forklift’s effectiveness by extending the length of the existing forks, and are designed to quickly slip onto the fork tines. 

The utility provided by heavy duty forklift extensions improves the functional capabilities of material handling operations, and makes it possible to move certain loads safely and efficiently. 

Made from durable high tensile grade steel, our forklift fork extensions are designed and manufactured in accordance with the AS2359.15 standard, and are built to last.

When should you use forklift extensions?

Forklift extensions should be used when a cost-effective solution to increase reach is required. 

Available in many sizes, finishes and profiles to meet specific application needs, forklift extensions have Working Load Limit capacities up to 8,000 kg, and are intended to lift light to moderate loads which would be cumbersome (or outright dangerous) for a standard forklift to handle.

While not a unique variant in the true sense of the word, pallet fork extensions is the name often given to forklift extensions which are primarily tasked with picking up two pallets deep at a time and loading a truck from one side (as opposed to work via both side openings).

How do forklift extension attachments work?

Forklift extensions are often referred to as forklift slippers, as the attachment fits snugly over the existing fork tines. The forklift extensions we supply feature toggle locking pins, giving you peace of mind that the forklift extensions are securely held in place.

Once the forklift extensions are locked in place, it is simply a case of manoeuvring the forklift into position and operating as normal – with the added caution that the forks are now that much longer, so extra care should be taken as a safety precaution.

Are there additional safety precautions to be aware of when using a forklift extension attachment?

As with all forklift attachments, and any piece of machinery for that matter, caution must always be exercised when operating a forklift to minimise risk to personnel, goods, and equipment alike. 

In addition to the regular forklift operating guidelines, it is of the utmost importance to carry out extra checks when using a forklift extension attachment. Regular checks and safely conducted usage will not only prevent tipovers, it will also prolong the life of your machinery and equipment, and ensure that your goods are handled correctly and with care, and, most importantly, keep your staff safe.

We recommend several extra checks when a forklift extension attachment:

  1. Ensure the forklift extension attachment suits the forklift and truck you are fitting it to.
  2. Check the extension attachment suitability for the type of load you are lifting or handling. If in doubt, ask – we have a knowledgeable friendly team of experts who are here to help.
  3. Inspect the fitting of the forklift extension attachment to confirm it is properly attached with a suitable locking device.
  4. Last, but not least, take note and be cautious of the extra length added to the front of the forklift, so as to avoid causing serious damage to people or property.

Please note that if the intended load exceeds the maximum load centre, longer forklifts are considered a safer option than fork extensions, and should be investigated in the first instance.

Maximum Allowable Length of Fork-Arm Extensions

According to AS2359.15 the length of the parent fork arm must be greater than or equal to 60% of the fork arm extension.

Only parent fork arms of greater than 750mm may have fork-arm extensions fitted.

A safety note on operating a forklift with an extension attachment installed

In light of the changes to weight distribution after modifying a forklift with a forklift extension, it is advisable to drive and turn slower than normal. 

Even when the load is empty, the weight profile and driving characteristics of the vehicle are likely to differ considerably from the original non-modified forklift.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Forklift extensions can play an important role in many material handling operations; but, as with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate technical limitations of the forklift and extension attachment are respected and its use is as intended.

Our knowledgeable team of problem solvers can help you to choose the appropriate forklift extension attachment, improving the versatility and effectiveness of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the “right tool for the job”.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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