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Forklifts are versatile pieces of equipment, able to handle a variety of loads, and that’s before factoring in the wide range of accessories and attachments which help to extend a forklift’s suitability for the task at hand – one such specialised forklift accessory type is a timber handling attachment.

Owing to the dense mass of timber, specialised timber attachments are required to shift loads of timber in a safe, efficient manner, improving the operational efficiency of warehousing and production lines, and protecting a business’ most important asset – people.

What are the different types of timber handling forklift attachments?

Available in both fork spreader and timber pack lifter variants, and designed to allow forklift trucks to become short-distance rugged timber hauling units, timber handling forklift attachments are sometimes known simply as timber lifters.

Timber handling fork attachments such as fork spreaders and timber pack lifters are commonly seen in lumber yards, on forestry sites, and in a wide range of manufacturing operations and material handling industries worldwide.

Timber pack lifters

The timber pack lifter is a great tool for placing timber into storage racks, and a common sight in lumber yards and any operation that shifts large quantities of timber.

Recently, the timber pack lifter design supplied by Stratalign won an award at a timber merchant’s facility for eliminating several hazards and significantly improving safety performance for the timber yard team.

Fork spreaders

Fork spreaders have been designed to safely lift extra wide or flexible loads, helping to prevent goods such as roof sheets, timber or plasterboard becoming damaged. The fork spreader evenly distributes the load over the length of the attachment during transportation. This slip on attachment is simple to use and is secured to the lift truck by a safety chain.

Fork spreaders have a secondary use-case in that they are often used to stabilise wide loads of unstable products such as gyprock, steel bar or pipe that is manufactured and supplied in long random lengths, further improving the versatility of the forklift unit.

Stratalign timber handling attachments

As New Zealand’s forklift attachment experts, we supply a range of quality forklift-compatible timber handling equipment to help turn forklifts into multi-purpose lifting machines. We’ve used our extensive industry knowledge to handpick reputable brands that we know are reliable and safe, ensuring our customers get the right lifting solution product.

Our durable heavy duty forklift timber handling attachments are manufactured to be robust lifting devices, designed to help you move with confidence.

A safety note on operating a forklift with a timber handling attachment installed

In light of the changes to weight distribution after modifying a forklift with a timber handling attachment, regardless of whether it is a fork spreader or timber pack lifter, it is advisable to drive and turn slower than normal.

Even when the load is empty, the weight profile and driving characteristics of the vehicle are likely to differ considerably from the original non-modified forklift.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Timber handling forklift attachments can play an important role in many material handling operations; but, as with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate technical limitations of the forklift and timber handling attachment are respected and its use is as intended.

Our knowledgeable team of problem solvers can help you to choose the appropriate timber handling attachment, improving the versatility and effectiveness of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the “right tool for the job”.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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