Davit Cranes

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When it comes to equipment for heavy-duty lifting and positioning, Stratalign has the experience you are looking for. We build our stationary davit arms and portable davit arms to exacting specifications to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability. Our standards cranes are available in multiple styles and sizes. Large or small, heavy or light, Stratalign has designed and manufactured standard and custom davit cranes and winches for countless customer applications. These units are highly recommended, ideal for industries such as Water/Wastewater, Bulk Handling, Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Theatre.

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Portable Cranes

  • Available in 5 Models
  • Capacity of up to 900kg
  • Max lift of up to 133m

Stationary Cranes

  • Available in 3 Models
  • Capacity of up to 1365kg
  • Max lift of up to 133m

Custom Made

  • Stratalign has the capability to design and supply custom made davit arms

Our Process

On-Site Consultation

A Stratalign lifting specialist will respond to your enquiry promptly and arrange an on-site visit to assess your specific needs and obtain all technical data and dimensions etc. to suit your individual requirements.


Based on your criteria design engineers will prepare a customised lifting system design or present a combination of product recommendations that will resolve your lifting & materials handling challenges while meeting all safety and operational requirements.


Once you have approved the system design or product solution Stratalign coordinates production, assembly & procurement of all the components to ensure a seamless fulfilment of your valued order to meet your delivery or installation deadlines. This includes pre-delivery checking of all major mechanical or electrical items.


The Stratalign team’s service package doesn’t stop with delivery of your order. Experienced personnel will arrange to carry out the installation and set-up of your lifting solution and can even attend to foundation or structural modifications if necessary.


On completion of delivery & installation Stratalign representatives will commission the new machinery or equipment to ensure it is fully operational and that your team are familiar with all the features and capabilities that will take your productivity to new heights.

Geo Thermal Power Station Wairakei – Case Study

The Requirement

This new Geo Thermal Power Station had many on-site applications where pumps and motors were required to be lifted out of well situations for regular checking and servicing. A simple one man lifting device was required for this procedure, that could be simply transported from point to point around the large site.

The Challenge

There are several standards off the shelf davits that could be used in this application. Points that required to be ascertained was the weight of each load, the height of the lift required and the reach of the beam.

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