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A forklift bag lifter allows forklift personnel to lift loaded bulk bags safely.

This, in turn, eliminates workplace hazards associated with packing and unpacking heavy bulk bags, reducing injury related claims, labour costs, and increasing productivity.

When to use a forklift bag lifting attachment

Designed to carry bulk bag loads of materials, a forklift bag lifting attachment is a straightforward device that typically slips onto the fork tines of a forklift truck, allowing operators to quickly transport large quantities of materials with ease (there are also overhead jib crane bulk bag lifting attachments available for crane systems).

As a flexible utility item intended to enhance workplace productivity, large forklift bag lifters can be found on many industrial and non-industrial sites, and are commonly seen at construction sites, mining sites, quarries, agricultural sites, fertiliser and chemical plants, and manufacturing factories. As a convenient and efficient way to pick up, transport, and drop off large bags of goods, forklift bag lifting attachments are often used for transporting sand, gravel, feed, waste, or other loose materials.

Utilising your forklift to the best of its ability is always a cost effective method and will save you time, money, and labour in the long run. Our forklift bag-lifting attachments are robust and sturdy in construction, with our larger units able to support loads upwards of 2,000kg

Having positioned the bag lifter above the product and the bag loops are all secured, this will ensure the bag is then hooked onto all four sides of the lifter to ensure balance, eliminate the chance of compressing the contents, and offers sturdy transport with a reduced chance of any swinging or twisting motions. Avoiding swinging of bags with heavy loads is the first step to ensuring safety during transit.

Stratalign bag lifting forklift attachments

As New Zealand’s forklift attachment experts, we supply a range of quality bag lifting products, intended for use on forklift trucks. We’ve used our extensive experience to handpick a selection of industry-tested durable heavy duty forklift bags and bag lifting attachments, to meet your safe lifting and bulk material handling needs for many years to come.

Which forklift bag lifting attachment is best for your situation?

Given the number of bag lifting forklift attachments available, it may seem like a daunting prospect determining the right product to meet your requirements. To help you make sense of the options available, we have compiled a quick overview of the most commonly found forklift bag lifting attachments:

Prong-type bulk bag lifter

The prong-type forklift attachment is simple and quick to use. The bags are picked up by simply pushing a prong through the loops on each corner of the bag so the operator need not leave their seat to disengage the bag. Features slip-on pockets for the forklift tines to fit into. The raised prong position provides for removing bulk bags stacked inside shipping containers due to the lack of head room.

Manufactured strictly in accordance with the AS 2359.1 Standard.

Jib-type bulk bag lifter

A jib-type bulk bag lifter forklift attachment has an extendable arm, making lifting 1,000kg bags very easy as the operator does not have to leave their forklift to load and unload, and provides extra lift height to get over a hopper’s sides or the sides of a trailer. The bulk bag lifter features a large hook, easily visible to the driver, making it easy to guide the hook through the loops on the bag.

Manufactured strictly in accordance with the AS 2359.1 Standard.

Carriage mount bulk bag jib

The carriage mount bulk bag jib forklift attachment is a two prong lifter for container loading. As it is mounted to the fork carriage of a forklift, the carriage mounted bulk bag turns a forklift into a dedicated bag handling machine, giving increased lift height as the prongs are set above the carriage back plate. The bags are picked up by simply pushing a prong through the loops on each corner of the bag so the operator need not leave their seat to disengage the bag.

Manufactured strictly in accordance with the AS 2359.1 Standard.

Slip-on bulk bag jib

This slip-on bulk bag jib attachment is designed with four lifting hooks to handle standard bulk bags. The straps of bulk bags are fastened to the four hooks in each corner of the spreader frame, preventing the bulk bag from folding in on itself or bunching up as the bag is emptied.

Manufactured strictly in accordance with the AS 2359.1 Standard.

A safety note on the operation of bag lifting forklift attachments

Owing to the fine weight balance parameters every forklift operates within, big heavy bulk bags should never be lifted by the bare forks of a forklift.

Aside from the risk of inadvertently discovering a forklift truck unit’s tipping point, it is generally considered unsafe to transport bags without a forklift bag lifter as the handles can slide off the forks should the forklift come to an abrupt stop. This can happen in a busy or hectic worksite or any area with high traffic, leaving nearby workers, forklift operators, property, and the load in transport at risk – bulk bag lifting forklift attachments, where the bag handle loops are all secured by hooks, eliminate this risk.

As with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the proposed usage of a bag lifting forklift attachment meets the appropriate application and does not exceed technical limitations.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Forklift bag lifting attachments can play an important role in many material handling operations, ensuring the integrity of the load in transport and the safety of personnel and property, increasing loading efficiency, minimising downtime and mitigating risk.

Our knowledgeable team of problem solvers and experienced engineers can help you to choose the correct bag lifting setup for your situation, improving the efficiency and safety of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the ‘right tool for the job.’

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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