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Concrete Cone Skip

Concrete Cone Skips are renowned for their ability to easily and effectively transfer concrete and a variety of other aggregate materials on-site.

Employed by way of overhead crane, concrete cone skip crane attachments are adaptable, robust, heavy duty, yet lightweight by design, and are essential for many material handling operations; improving productivity, safety, and operational efficiency.

When should you use a concrete cone skip?

Concrete cone skips are a versatile type of overhead crane attachment, able to be used on any work site where an overhead crane is available and the application of wet concrete, sand, or gravel is required.

Concrete cone skips typically also feature forklift tine pockets to allow for easy transportation around the site of operation, which in turn increases the value they can bring to a material handling operation, as operators can set them and use them, before shifting to another overhead crane location for further deployment of materials in very little time at all.

In short, concrete cone skips should be used by material handling operations looking to safely and effectively distribute wet concrete or other coarse materials en masse, within a short timeframe.

Stratalign concrete cone skips

As New Zealand’s crane attachment experts, we have taken a curated approach when it comes to choosing our concrete cone skips for sale. We have used our extensive industry knowledge to handpick two variants in medium 0.5 and large 1.0 cubic metre capacities, with Working Load Limits of 1,500kg and 3,500kg respectively.

How to use concrete cone skips

Concrete cone skips provide a material handling operation with excellent tactical versatility, with their ability to handle loads such as wet concrete, gravel, sand, crushed stone, and other coarse or fine aggregates.

The concrete cone skips we supply must be attached to an overhead crane to be employed effectively, and can be used for both bottom and side discharge with the use of the adjustable chute, with a manual pull lever allowing for release by the operator from either side – this also heightens the control of the discharge by the user, allowing for effective distribution of the aggregates under load.

Our concrete cone skip units also feature forklift tine pockets for ease of transportation, and come with an instruction manual for peace of mind.

A safety note on the operation of concrete cone skips

As with any overhead crane attachment, extreme care must be taken to ensure the safety of personnel and property, and it is no different with concrete cone skips.

In fact, owing to the nature of how a concrete operates via its shute, combined with the contents of the load itself, extra care should be taken to ensure that no damage comes to the operator, bystanders, premises, or other equipment on site.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Concrete cone skips can play an important role in many material handling operations; but, as with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate technical limitations of the equipment are respected and its use is as intended.

Our knowledgeable team of problem solvers can help you to choose the appropriate concrete cone skip overhead crane attachments, improving the versatility and effectiveness of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the “right tool for the job”.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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