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Forklift Tipping Bins

If you use forklifts in your workplace, then a top quality, functional forklift tipping bin and its various attachments are an essential arsenal in your lifting system. A forklift tipping bin is an economical and practical solution for moving loose materials and facilitating waste management on site.

When to use a forklift tipping bin

When you’ve had a successful day of moving materials around your warehouse, worksite, loading dock, or storage yard, the last thing you want to spend time doing is clearing up the site and cleaning up scrap materials. That’s where a forklift tipping bin with appropriate tipper attachments is an absolute lifesaver.

Tipping bins are also used in industries such as food processing, fertiliser manufacturing and other operations that handle bulk loose materials and need to transport and tip the materials out safely and efficiently.

With self dumping features, the size of our wheelie tipping bins allows the use of minimal space and easy transportation. A forklift tipping bin will securely attach to your forklift’s tines and can provide a range of functionality to collect and move materials within and around your workspace.

Which forklift tipping bin or tipper attachment is best for your situation?

We have a large assortment of forklift tipping bins and tipper attachments to suit any worksite; each unit has a corresponding capacity and ample features to suit a variety of applications from drop bottom bins to hydraulic bin tippers.

With a starting weight capacity of 350kg up to heavier duty capacities up to 2,000kg, you’ll never have a load you can’t handle.

Our range of forklift tipping bins and tipper attachment product options include:

Drop bottom bins

With a working load limit of 1,000kg, heavy-duty drop bottom bins are designed for the efficient storage and transfer of waste materials. The bin is emptied by a pull cord mechanism from the drivers seat, via a simple drop bottom base, allowing complete emptying of contents into a larger bin or dump truck. The base is closed by an automatic locking mechanism when the bin is lowered to the ground and is made of 3mm reinforced plate, designed to handle the toughest of waste products.

Drop bottom bins are versatile waste disposal solutions and feature both forklift and crane lugs fitted as standard.

Heavy duty tip-up bins

These bins are ideally suited to handle heavy waste including metal, timber, and building site rubble. The release mechanism is easily activated without having to dismount. All types of bins have a working load limit of 1,000kg and range in sizes from 0.7 to 2.0 cubic metre capacities.

Pull cord wheelie bin tippers

With two models available for our pull cord wheelie bin tippers, one for 240 litres and another for 660 litre wheelie bins, the wheelie bin style tipper is operated from the forklift driver’s seat by a pull-cord ​​to efficiently empty the bins, without the need for the driver to dismount.

Rotating waste bins

Forklift rotating waste bins are heavy load capacity waste bins, which neatly nest inside each other when not being used, making storage simple and easy. Supplied with either a 180 degree or 360 degree rotational capability, and a 1,000kg or 2,000kg capacity.

Rotating waste bins feature both forklift and crane lugs fitted as standard.

Wheelie bin with rotator base

A wheelie bin fitted with a rotator base. The 660 litre wheelie bin is fitted with fork pockets allowing rotation of the bin by a forklift fitted with a 180 or 360 degree rotator attachment.

Forward bin tipper 1,500kg

A popular choice in many high volume material handling operations, such as produce storage and packaging, forward bin tippers feature a fast hydraulic action, and allow operators to control the tipping action without leaving their seat. Forward bin tippers have a working load limit of 1,500kg and fit standard forklift tines.

Hand tip bin

Featuring an undercarriage with pockets for forklift tines, and designed for manual push over operation, our hand tip bins have a working load limit of 350kg and are suitable for goods transport, storage, or waste collection and disposal. Wheels are fitted with two in front, as well as one swivel at the rear.

Manufactured strictly in accordance with the AS 2359.1 Standard.

Self-tip wheelie bin tipper

These wheelie bin tippers are a great tool for emptying 240 litre plastic bins. The bin is wheeled into the cradle attachment, the operator then secures the drum with the supplied safety chains. ​​The bin features a tipping hinge that is operated without the driver needing to dismount.

Self-tipping bin with pour edge

Self-tipping and suitable for all waste and material handling applications. Used with either a forklift or a crane, these bins make light work of removing and tipping products.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Forklift tipping bins and tipper attachments can play an important role in many material handling operations. As with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate technical limitations of the equipment are respected and its use is as intended.

Our experienced team of engineers and experienced professional staff can help you to choose the correct forklift tipping bins and tipper attachments for your needs, improving the efficiency and safety of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the ‘right tool for the job.’

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation.

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