Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are known for their asymmetrical jib arm design and are utilised to vertically lift and horizontally manoeuvre light to medium loads, improving the effective productivity, technical capability, and safety of any material handling operation.

With their jib arm (sometimes referred to as a boom) configured to operate within a set circular area, a jib crane is a great solution for tighter workspaces where a dedicated lifting capability in a specific work area is required. Jib cranes can be fixed in place as wall mounted jib crane or freestanding column mounted jib crane variants, or portable, depending on the intended application and design. 

Often found sharing the same workspace as larger gantry bridge cranes and workstation overhead crane systems, jib cranes have a comparatively small footprint, and can be used in conjunction with gantry cranes, attached and deployed under the gantry bridge itself.

Highly customisable, jib cranes can be outfitted with a variety of attachments to meet the requirements of the task at hand, including hoists, tool balancers, air balancers, and vacuum lifters, to name but a few. 


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What are the various types of jib cranes?

While jib cranes go by many names (including workshop jib cranes, swing jib cranes, swing cranes, workstation jib cranes, and more), there are several basic design types that fall into the jib crane family, with each variant designed for a specific use-case and operating environment. 

The one unifying feature of jib cranes is the shared jib arm design - instantly recognisable as a “classic crane design”.

The most common types of jib cranes include:

Column Mounted

A horizontal beam cantilevered off a freestanding floor mounted column, with a beam and load that can be rotated in up to a 360 degree arc (depending on column placement and carrying capacity), column mounted jib cranes distinguish themselves by their strong ergonomic design and their smoothness of movement. This is achieved with a special console construction using bush bearings and trolleys with nylon castors.;

As our most versatile standard sized crane, column mounted jib cranes are suitable in cases where there is no mounting support for a wall mounted jib crane, and are often installed next to assembly or manufacturing areas to increase productivity and ensure a safe working environment.

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Low headroom jib cranes

Available as column mounted and wall mounted variants, Erikkila Pro Compact low headroom jib cranes are under-braced, and able to operate in areas where height is restricted, and the available lifting height needs to be maximised. An optimal solution in certain production lines or facilities where space is at a premium, Erikkila Pro Compact low headroom jib cranes get the required result ergonomically, effectively, and safely.

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Wall Mounted

A horizontal beam mounted off of the wall, usually with up to a 180 degree arc, wall mounted jib cranes feature robust steel consoles and incorporate bush bearings and the special transport trolleys with large-dimensioned castors, meaning that loads can be moved effortlessly and laborious work processes minimised.

Wall mounted jib cranes are a perfect solution for servicing a work area which is near a wall or other vertical element, and can be mounted under a gantry bridge crane at any required height.

It is important to note that in some applications, existing building columns or overhead beams may be suitable to mount the jib on, which means new foundations are not required.

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Industrial Crane Manipulators

Less of a standalone jib crane and more of a force multiplying piece of jib crane equipment, ‘manipulators’ (as they are often nicknamed) are unique in that they have the capability to perform multiple jobs, efficiently handling odd-shaped or unwieldy parts. 

There are two primary variants of industrial crane manipulators - articulated rigid arm manipulators, and cable balancers (or ‘cable type manipulators’), and these can be powered by air (pneumatic), air hydraulic, electric, and electric hydraulic systems. Most industrial crane manipulators feature manual horizontal travel with motorised or air travel along the vertical axis for easy placeme

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Davit Cranes

A freestanding jib crane-esque design, davit cranes offer an unparalleled light lifting capability, feature strong versatility, and are available in a range of fixed and portable sub-variants.

Typically used for vertically lifting and positioning of lighter loads than the most standard jib cranes, our davit cranes can be custom built to meet exacting specifications and capacities as required, and come with corrosion-resistant finishes in powder coat paint, galvanised or stainless steel.

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Where are jib cranes used?

Jib cranes are highly productive, relatively straightforward lifting devices, and are sometimes called workstation or workshop jib cranes, and for good reason.

  • Column mounted jib cranes and wall mounted jib cranes are often seen in use across a variety of indoor and outdoor environments, from loading docks to manufacturing plants, and industrial workshop settings such as fitting and fabrication, automotive, and steelworks. As column mounted jib cranes are freestanding they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, whereas wall mounted jib cranes are typically only used indoors.
  • Davit cranes are commonly found in water and wastewater treatment plants, where there is an endless number of lifting applications required - from lifting submersible pumps and mixers, to raising filter screens and positioning hopper cars. Davit cranes can also be seen in a diverse range of industries such as logistics and bulk handling, oil and gas, mining, construction, manufacturing, and the theatrical production and creative sector.
  • Industrial crane manipulators are versatile multipurpose workhorses and are commonplace in a variety of industrial operations such as manufacturing, packaging, textiles, timber handling (e.g. forestry and sawmills), mechanical engineering, metal fabrication, construction, food production, and the automotive industry.


Our Process

On-Site Consultation

A Stratalign lifting specialist will respond to your enquiry promptly and arrange an on-site visit to assess your specific needs and obtain all technical data and dimensions etc. to suit your individual requirements.


Based on your criteria design engineers will prepare a customised lifting system design or present a combination of product recommendations that will resolve your lifting & materials handling challenges while meeting all safety and operational requirements.


Once you have approved the system design or product solution Stratalign coordinates production, assembly & procurement of all the components to ensure a seamless fulfilment of your valued order to meet your delivery or installation deadlines. This includes pre-delivery checking of all major mechanical or electrical items.


The Stratalign team’s service package doesn’t stop with delivery of your order. Experienced personnel will arrange to carry out the installation and set-up of your lifting solution and can even attend to foundation or structural modifications if necessary.


On completion of delivery & installation Stratalign representatives will commission the new machinery or equipment to ensure it is fully operational and that your team are familiar with all the features and capabilities that will take your productivity to new heights.

Hamilton Jet Assembly Plant - Case Study

The Requirement

This busy manufacturing and assembly plant in Christchurch required a crane system to be designed, manufactured and installed to assist in the processing section of the business.

The Challenge

The design of the cranes for this application was a relatively straightforward operation for the Design Team. In order to provide the customer with the span and lifting capacity they needed we designed and manufactured two overbraced jib cranes to fit into their facilities. The challenge in this application was that there were no plans available of the original building.

Solution to a long-standing challenge

As a solution to a long standing challenge, Cabtec Ltd purchased a Fezer vacuum lifter from Stratalign Limited, for processing product through a processing line. Prior to the purchase, the process had required manual handling, which in today's environment, is not a sustainable option.

More than one option for this solution was investigated by Cabtec with the decision being a vacuum lifter as the winning choice. Cabtec's spokesman recalls, Cabtec selected Stratalign as the winning supplier, based on their ability to provide the technical and professional advice, along with what Cabec considered a top quality product for a competitive price.

The ease of operation is facilitated by the very smooth running bearings and movement points, integral to this structurally sound piece of kit. He continues, From the day the order was placed, the Stratalign team kept us updated with progress, to the day the machine was installed.

The installation process was organized in such a way, by Stratalign, that it caused absolute minimal disruption to a very busy working environment during normal working hours.


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