Industrial Crane Manipulators

In a material handling environment, there is a tool for every job, and some tools even have the capability to perform multiple jobs - crane manipulators (also known as industrial manipulators) are one of those versatile machines, suitable for a large variety of common and specialised applications, able to pick, rotate, and place heavy loads up to 1,500kg.

Industrial crane manipulators can be found in many different operations such as manufacturing, packaging, textiles, timber handling (e.g. forestry and sawmills), mechanical engineering, metal fabrication, construction, food production, and the automotive industry.

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When to use an industrial crane manipulator?

With their ability to efficiently handle odd-shaped or unwieldy parts, crane manipulators have a variety of uses and are commonly seen in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants.

When connected to a crane system, the crane manipulator system allows the operator precise control when lifting, manipulating and placing loads weightlessly in any direction. Whether reaching into machines, or going under (or over) obstructions that are otherwise unobtainable by hoists, industrial crane manipulators increase the effectiveness of the material handling process, and are safe to operate and easy to use.

Designed not only to lift and move, but also to tilt and rotate while handling, crane manipulators are smart and ergonomic solutions able to lift loads up to 1,500kg in a virtually weightless manner.

Industrial crane manipulator systems are specified for each application, designed in such a way as to allow the handling of products with the utmost precision, flexibility, and safety at every step, minimising physical exertion by your staff. In this way, crane manipulators improve both efficiency and safe working conditions of any material handling operation, mitigating risk to the business and increasing production outputs.

Stratalign industrial crane manipulators

As New Zealand’s industrial crane experts, we supply a range of top quality crane manipulators, designed by our engineers to meet exacting application requirements and customised to each workspace.

We use extensive industry knowledge to handpick reputable brands that we know are reliable and safe, ensuring our customers get the right lifting solution product.

Which crane manipulator is best for your situation?

Industrial crane manipulators come in two main variants - articulated rigid arm industrial manipulators, and cable balancers (often referred to as cable type industrial manipulators) - and can be powered by air (pneumatic), air hydraulic, electric, and electric hydraulic systems. Most crane manipulators feature manual horizontal travel with motorised or air travel along the vertical axis for easy placement.

The ideal first place to start when considering your requirement for an industrial crane manipulator is to answer the following questions:

  • What is the weight of the load you need to shift?
  • What is the shape and size of the goods you intend to move?
  • Do you know the trajectory or path of the movement you need the industrial crane manipulator to achieve?

Good candidates for cable balancers (cable type industrial manipulators) are standard shaped loads (e.g. a box) of less than approximately 100kg, which only require vertical up/down movement.

For loads over 100kg (up to 1,500kg), and/or products with odd shapes, and/or goods that need to be manoeuvred and repositioned vertically and horizontally are typically best suited for articulated rigid arm industrial crane manipulators.

Here is a quick overview of both systems:

Cable balancers

Also known as cable type industrial manipulators, cable balancers are generally fitted with a hook, and can be equipped with simple gripping tools to allow the handling of light loads in a weightless condition in any direction. The particular double arm structure and medium joint makes it easy to handle and precisely operate throughout the working area. Cable balancers are typically rated to no greater than 100kg maximum lifting capacity.

Articulated rigid arm

Designed and realised particularly for difficult handling environments or materials, articulated rigid arm crane manipulators meet the requirement to move heavy and off-set loads in any direction. This allows the operator to work with minimal effort in ideal ergonomic and safety conditions. These units have a higher max load capacity than their cable balancer cousins, and can handle loads up to 1,500kg.

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Every industrial crane manipulator we supply is customised and designed to order, bearing in mind the unique specific technical movements and material handling requirements of our clients’ operations.

Our knowledgeable team of engineers and experienced technical support staff can help you choose the correct manipulator setup for your situation, improving the efficiency and safety of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the "right tool for the job".

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Our Process

On-Site Consultation

A Stratalign lifting specialist will respond to your enquiry promptly and arrange an on-site visit to assess your specific needs and obtain all technical data and dimensions etc. to suit your individual requirements.


Based on your criteria design engineers will prepare a customised lifting system design or present a combination of product recommendations that will resolve your lifting & materials handling challenges while meeting all safety and operational requirements.


Once you have approved the system design or product solution Stratalign coordinates production, assembly & procurement of all the components to ensure a seamless fulfilment of your valued order to meet your delivery or installation deadlines. This includes pre-delivery checking of all major mechanical or electrical items.


The Stratalign team’s service package doesn’t stop with delivery of your order. Experienced personnel will arrange to carry out the installation and set-up of your lifting solution and can even attend to foundation or structural modifications if necessary.


On completion of delivery & installation Stratalign representatives will commission the new machinery or equipment to ensure it is fully operational and that your team are familiar with all the features and capabilities that will take your productivity to new heights.