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Forklift Container Ramps

A common sight on many industrial and construction premises, forklift ramps are designed to improve forklift access and bridging into containers from ground level, and are one of the most popular forklift accessories in the market, despite not being direct forklift attachments themselves.

Often referred to as shipping container ramps, portable forklift ramps, or simply as container ramps, there are a variety of forklift ramp styles and functions available, including level entry, angled entry, folding, and reefer (designed specifically for refrigerated containers), improving the productivity and safety of logistics operations, resulting in a more effective workforce.

Why should you use a forklift ramp?

The benefit of a forklift ramp is apparent in its ability to compensate for the height difference and the horizontal gap between the loading bay area and the container in question. This bridge provides safe, easy access to the container, while eliminating the requirement for a permanent raised structure.

Another reason to choose a shipping container forklift ramp is their ability to be shifted conveniently wherever required, providing great situational flexibility for logistics operations on the move; while a secondary use (which is often overlooked) is that they enable forklift operators to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

Stratalign forklift shipping container ramps

As New Zealand’s forklift accessory experts, we supply a range of quality forklift ramps. We’ve used our extensive industry knowledge to handpick reputable brands that we know are reliable and safe, ensuring our customers get the right lifting solution product.

Our portable and durable heavy duty forklift shipping container ramps are manufactured to last the test of time, and are designed to help you move with confidence.

What are the different types of forklift ramps?

Forklift ramps come in an array of sizes and formats. Here are the most common we supply at Stratalign:

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Forklift ramps for containers can play an important role in many material handling operations – helping to bridge the gap and improve access for the forklift operator.

Our knowledgeable team of problem solvers can help you to choose the appropriate shipping container ramp, improving the versatility and effectiveness of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the “right tool for the job”.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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