Lyttleton Port – Jib Crane

The Requirement:

Our client Lyttleton Port, South Island based client from the Shipping Industry, engaged with Stratalign to investigate a maintenance solution for their new fleet of straddle carriers.

The Challenge:

Our client had recently procured a new generation of straddle carriers. The issue they later discovered was around the maintenance of their new machinery. They were a much taller machinery, which meant their existing maintenance facilities could not service these. A new maintenance site was erected to suit, but was faced with another challenge of raising and lowering equipment from the ground to the top, and vice versa.

The Solution:

In conjunction with our client’s engineers, it was found that our floor mounted jib crane that was mounted to the top of their prepared steel pedestal was the best fit solution for them. Engineered modifications were allowed for on our electric chain hoist (longer chain and bigger chain bag) fitted to the 7-metre span jib crane, to accommodate for the lift height of 16-metre above ground.

Working together, ended up with a very satisfied client.