Renwick – Tractor Repair & Services

The Requirement:

Renwick, a South Island based client from the Agriculture Industry, reached out to us in need of a lifting solution to help in their service workshop department.

The Challenge:

Their service workshop department was handling and lifting heavy and bulky farm machinery. The use of a forklift proved a challenge in terms of space and limitations to its capability to handle such equipment.

It was further identified that their existing building was not structurally sound to provide support to a new gantry structure. The client required a lifting solution that could cover their entire workshop area, without having to strengthen their building structure, as resources were tight.

The Solution:

  • Working very closely with all stakeholders (engineers, workshop team and management) we found our stand-alone Free-Standing Workstation Gantry to be the best-fit solution for our client.
  • This 1000 kg self-levelling gantry does not require any structural support nor foundation. We further added special features of a raised bridge and raised trolley to maximise their lift height.
  • Specifications:
    • Overall length 9.60m x Overall width 8.80m x Lift height of 5m.
    • Powered in all directions.
    • Pendant control dual speed hoist.