PauaCo Limited – Aluminium Gantry Crane

The Requirement:

PauaCo Limited a company based in Christchurch, is a producer of the highest quality canned abalone products and their premium offering of wild live abalone products.

They had to find a solution to lift 700kg baskets of seafood through their processing tanks and then from the tanks to a set-down area for transportation to the production area.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to find a cost-effective overhead lifting solution that could withstand the atmospheric conditions in the area. The unit required an electric chain hoist for lifting but the gantry system needed to be light enough to move manually along tracks. The available headroom above the tanks was also restricted.

The Solution:

After liaising with the client over an extended time to ensure all aspects of this difficult requirement was covered, we settled on a moveable Aluminium Gantry Crane with an electric chain hoist attached.

Modifications were made to one end of the frame due to the lack of available space on one side of the room to have the track bolted to the floor.  A channel was formed and installed on both sides of the gantry for the wheels to run in to keep the gantry in line.

Whilst a difficult challenge we ended up with a satisfying solution for the customer.