Food Processing Plant – Forward Bin Tipper – 1000KG

Food processing plant

The Requirement:

A food processing plant is a specialized facility where raw agricultural products are transformed into various edible products through a series of mechanical, thermal, or chemical processes. The operations within these plants are highly regulated to meet strict hygiene and safety standards, guaranteeing that the processed foods are free from contaminants and adhere to quality specifications.

The client needed the ability to tip waste bins of product waste from time to time.

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge is that the client did not want to have to dedicate one forklift to become the forklift rotator and needed the be ability to use a rotator on any of their forklifts when required.

The Solution:

Our Slip On Forward Bin Tipper allows the Client to attach a tipper to any forklift in under 5 mins and then to detach it after use just as quickly.  The Forward Bin Tipper has a fast but controlled hydraulic tipping action of 135 degree ensuring that the bin is completely emptied.  This bin is suitable for a wide range of cubic bin sizes and types (1100-1180(L)  x  600-800(H)) and for multiple industries.

Forward Bin Tipper

This solution worked well for our client, who can quickly and easily add or remove the attachment to any of their forklifts.