Milk Processing Plant – Drum Handling

The Requirement:

The primary goal of the milk processing plant is to ensure that milk is processed and packaged in a safe and hygienic manner to produce high-quality dairy products.

Our client approached us with a problem in that traditionally their factory operators had been manually handling large 200 litre chemical drums off shipping pallets, to be used in the cleaning milk vats.  However, as time went by there were less operators that could manage to do this physically.

The Challenge:

There was a growing awareness that manual handling of 200 litre drums is a high-risk handling process that needed to be managed. However, initial quotes for installing jib cranes in airlocks was outside of the customers available budget.

The Solution:

We needed to find a solution that was not only cost effective but that would allow the utilisation of multiple forklifts.  The use of drum clamp and a fork hook attached to forklifts already available at the factory provided a safe method of handling drums from the safety of the operators seat, with a very modest investment in forklift lifting attachments.