Taranaki Pine – Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter

Taranaki Timber Factory

The Requirement:

Taranakipine produces and supplies a comprehensive range of structural finger jointed and whole timber products from 100% renewable Radiata Pine forests.  They needed to lift and manoeuvre laminated beams before the wood planing process either by forklift or an overhead gantry system.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to be able to provide a lifting unit that would not damage the timber, but also be able to pick up a varied and uneven surfaces.

The Solution:

Our solution was to offer a Battery Powered Vacuum Lifter that could be used on both lifting devices i.e. forklift and gantry crane. The battery-powered vacuum lifters are highly portable and can be used without any external power source - no installation or connection required.

The soft rubber pad suction cups mould to the uneven nature of the wooden surface. When the suction pad is placed on an object, the vacuum pump creates the necessary suction to hold the object securely in place, with the operator able to control the lifting and lowering of the object.