OBACA Battery Powered Glass Vacuum Lifter

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OBACA Battery Powered Glass Vacuum Lifter

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This adjustable battery powered vacuum lifter is ideal in glass handling applications. Simply connect your overhead gantry or jib crane and power up. Flexible positioning of the heads accommodates awkward sheet sizes, increasing the effectiveness and safety of your material handling operation.


  • Designed for lifting, moving, and installing a large-sized sheets of glass.
  • Superior vacuum lifter to meet and satisfy customers’ needs.
  • Able to rotate 360 degrees horizontally and up to 90 degrees vertically.


See it in action:

Length 1,685 mm
Width 1,310 mm
Height 320 mm
Working Load Limit 500 kg
Unit Weight 81 kg
Diameter of Suction Cups 300 mm
Number of Suction Cups 4
Minimum sheet size 850mm x 900mm
Rotation Angle 360°
Tilt Angle 90°
Voltage 12v DC
Battery Capacity 12v, 18ah
Charger 220v AC
Battery Charge Time 6.5hr (from fully flat)

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