RWM Electric Chain Hoist – Top Hook – Single Speed – 125KG Capacity

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RWM Electric Chain Hoist – Top Hook – Single Speed – 125KG Capacity

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RWM hoists can be considered the Ferrari of hoist brands, and not just because they are engineered and manufactured in Italy by an in-house team.

RWM prides itself on engineering excellence: every hoist is hand-crafted from the highest quality materials. As a result, RWM hoists can safely operate in temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as +50°C – an operating range up to 40% larger than other common hoist brands. This makes RWM the go-to hoist for material handling tasks in harsher environments.

RWM hoists are also the ideal option for demanding industrial applications where uptime is critical, with a duty cycle of 40%.

RWM hoists and the more common economy hoists are different tools designed for various uses. Just as you wouldn’t invest in a Ferrari as a run-around vehicle, you wouldn’t invest in a RWM hoist if you don’t require the additional quality and reliability that comes with a hand-built, European-engineered masterpiece.

Choose RWM as your go-to hoist for more challenging and demanding situations where quality and durability is paramount.


  • RWM Electric Chain Hoists are manufactured for Stratalign by RWM, Italy who are ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
  • The Hoists are built in compliance with European regulations:
    • Machinery Directive (DM) 2006/42/CE
    • Low Voltage Directive (DBT) 2014/35/UE
    • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 2014/30/UE
  • Design Verified by a NZ registered Chartered Professional Engineer.
  • Cylindrical three-phase self-braking motor with an electromagnet, all with class F insulation.
  • The motor brake system is 103V electromechanical spring type.
  • Hoist is IP54 rated.
  • The load limiter clutch is a device that limits the maximum travel both upward and downward and acts as a limiter for overloads.
  • The epicyclical type gearbox is lubricated with permanent grease. It is built in high resistance steel and subjected to heat treatments, thus guaranteeing a long life. With the recommended lubricants the hoist is able to operate in environments with temperatures between -20 ° C and + 50 ° C.
  • The electrical panels are produced according to the CEI-EN 60204 standard with the traditional wiring system.
  • The 24V low voltage transformer allows the hoist to carry out a high number of operations equal to 240 starts / hour.
Operating Voltage 400V / 50Hz / 3Ph
Load Chain Load chain according to EN 818-7-DAT/DT
Pendant Control Cable 5 metre
Power Cable ≈ 4.5 metre without plug
Hoist Protection IP 54
Classification M5/2m (ISO/FEM)
Duty cycle / Starts per hour 40% / 240
Insulation Class F
Operating Temperature -20°C – +50°C
Control Switch 24V pendant control switch with emergency stop button
Overload Protection Load limiter clutch acts as limiter for overloads.
Brake Electromagnetic spring pressure brake, holds the load in the event of power failure
Limit Switch Electro-mechanical upper and lower limit switch
Thermal Protection Protected through heat sensor

The following models are indent items – please contact us on 09 263 7725 to enquire:

W-125-5 125 5 4 x 12 1 0.5 27
W-125-8 125 8 4 x 12 1 0.5 27
W-125-14 125 14 4 x 12 1 1 29

MODEL A B B1 ØC C1 C2 C3 D D1 E ØG G1 H H1 H2 H3 L M S
W-125-5 395 255 70 4 5 13.7 12 146 90 100 30 22 150 235 205 440 155 170 185
W-125-8 395 255 70 4 5 13.7 12 146 90 100 30 22 150 235 205 440 155 170 185
W-125-12 395 255 70 4 5 13.7 12 146 90 100 30 22 150 235 205 440 155 170 185

This product has been Design Verified by a New Zealand Registered Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng). A copy of this Certificate is available on request.

Standard Description
(DM) 2006/42/CE European Standard Machinery Directive
(DBT) 2014/35/UE Low Voltage Directive
(EMC) 2014/30/UE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

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