Hamilton Jet Assembly Plant – Jib Crane

The Requirement:

This busy manufacturing and assembly plant in Christchurch required a crane system to be designed, manufactured and installed to assist in the processing section of the business.

The Challenge:

The design of the cranes for this application was a relatively straightforward operation for the Design Team. In order to provide the customer with the span and lifting capacity they needed we designed and manufactured two overbraced jib cranes to fit into their facilities.

The challenge in this application was that there were no plans available of the original building.

The Solution:

  • Our client application required jib crane systems to facilitate the safe and easy maneuverability of product. The jib cranes were designed to include a 1,000kg capacity electric chain hoists on each unit.
  • All our recommendations were accepted for this project. Our Design Team used Erkkila’s Pro system track for this application as the environment was reasonably dusty. This special profile section prevents particles building up on the track system which ensures the smooth running of the trolley.
  • Each jib crane had a working load limit of 1000kg and a beam length of 4.00m.
  • Footings were designed to compensate for the vast leverage that is produced. During the process of excavation, original building footings were encountered. Our engineers stepped in to provide the necessary design change to the footing detail. This unexpected event is what makes the Stratalign team so unique – that it has the capabilities to deal with the unexpected.
  • Our trained and competent lifting equipment engineers applied their vast knowledge and experience to complete the design, manufacturing and installation within the allotted time.
  • A solution for this difficult application and challenge was achieved through our team, working closely with our client and their contractors.