Tawa Door Company – Vacuum Lifting

The Requirement:

Our client Tawa Door Company had a logistics and manual handling challenge within their warehouse process and needed to lift packages of all shapes and sizes, from 25kg to 80kg from an assembly/packaging area to pallets ready for distribution.

There was a chance, this repetitive process could cause health and safety issues with their staff.

The Challenge:

Although a vacuum lifting system was the obvious choice for this application, the challenge lay with building a support structure to hang a tube lifter off. Another item in Stratalign’s wide range of lifting products was the Prosystem workstations (search workstations) that could provide an uncluttered workspace and facilitate the support of a vacuum tube lifter.

Special notice was taken for the workstation to be high enough so the despatch forklift could operate around and under the workstation without damaging product or property.

The Solution:

  • Our Design and Sales Team worked together to provide our client with a complete turnkey solution to their very difficult challenge.
  • Working with Fezer Vacuum Lifting from Germany for the Tube Lifter and Erikkila from Finland for the workstation, provided a brilliant hand in glove combination to overcome every obstacle that presented itself.
  • Our trained and competent lifting equipment engineers applied their vast knowledge and experience to complete the design, manufacturing, and supply within the allotted time.
  • Tawa Door Company decided to use their own staff to install these two units with Stratalign's team on hand to support and offer advice throughout the install process.
  • A solution for this difficult application and challenge was achieved through our team, working closely with our client and their contractors.