1000-2000kg Air Hoist (SLVMX Series)

1000-2000kg Air Hoist (SLVMX Series)

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High durability SLVMX Air Hoist for use in high temperature and humidity environments.

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Air hoists (otherwise known as pneumatic hoists) are ideal lifting equipment for use in explosive applications or in tough humid or high temperature conditions.

Our SLVMX series of San-Ei air hoists are available in capacities from 1,000kg up to 2,000kg.


  • High speed to low speed lift speed can be controlled to meet your works demand
  • Simple speed controls with the push button type, speed can be controlled by the touch applied to the button. With the string type, by how the string is pulled.
  • The newly introduced unique structure provides a smoother operation, easier handling and direct response
  • Light in weight compared with electrical chain blocks of the same capacity
  • High durability for use in high temperature and humidity. These can be used in inflammable area and explosion prone area
  • Untroubled by unfriendly working conditions – withstands dust, heat, humidity etc
  • Sound absorption.



Capacity (kg) Air Pressure (MPa) Lift Speed (m/min) Air Consumption (N-mᵌ) Lift (m)


0.6 5.0 1.6  


0.5 4.0 1.3
0.4 3.0 1.0


0.6 2.5 1.6  


0.5 2.0 1.3
0.4 1.5 1.0



Min. Radius of I-Beam Air Motor Travelling Speed I-Beam Size
2000mm 10 ~ 20m/min (adjustable) 100, 125, 150mm

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