It seemed to meet all our initial needs

The Head of School, trade workshops at the Royal NZ Navy, identified the crane as ideal for their large diesel training engine. “It seemed to meet all our initial needs and provides the added bonus of being manoeuvrable whilst carrying the load”. They primarily use the crane to remove large items from the engine, then move these items to a workbench where more detailed instruction, disassembly and reassembly can take place.”

“The crane has flexibility to adjust the length of the beam to suit the load you wish to lift. You can achieve a very wide footprint, thereby increasing the stability of the crane whilst under load. The crane is also manoeuvrable whilst under load. This assists in workplace safety as we do not have to rig numerous chain blocks and pull-lifts to move the load to the workbench,”.

“It also negates the need to have personnel in close proximity to the load.”



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