Load Shifting Skates (Balken)

Load Shifting Skates (Balken)


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Our shifting, moving load skates have been designed for ease of use and maximum safety in mind.

Often called shifting sakes, load skates, or heavy load rollers, load skates work best on flat smooth surface free from dirt or other obstructions.


  • Can be used whenever heavy objects need to be moved around the workshop
  • Are Heavy duty sealed bearings spread the load and to ensure ease of movement
  • The handle/steering rod is available for models SH-CRO-4 and SH-CRA-4
  • Available from 2,000kg-12,000kg capacity
  • Turn table is available on some models
  • Dimensions of CRA Model (L*W*H): 304mm x 222mm x 110mm
  • Dimensions of CRO Model (L*W*H): 304mm x 222mm x 95mm



Model Capacity (kg) L x W x H (mm) Rollers (pcs) Net Weight (kg)
SK2T 2000 115 x 270 x 110 2 nylon 7.5
SH-CRA-4 6000 304 x 222 x 110 4 PU 14.5
SH-CRA-6 8000 402 x 222 x 110 6 PU 18.5
SH-CRA-8 12,000 480 x 225 x 110 8 PU 22.5
SH-CRO-4 6000 304 x 222 x 95 4 PU 13
SH-CRO-6 8000 402 x 222 x 95 6 PU 17
SH-CRO-8 12,000 480 x 225 x 95 8 PU 21


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