Westland Milk | High Tower long Chain Hoist (30m)

The Requirement:

Westland Milk  is made with milk from New Zealand grass-fed cows, Westpro ingredients are unique because they are produced, processed and prepared exclusively in a small geographical area beneath the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island.

Westland Milk have tall milk drying towers where they store powdered milk.  Frequently maintenance teams need to check and maintain these large towers and getting equipment up and down is a challenge.  They needed a 5000kg Electric chain hoist with a 30m drop (to put this in perspective the standard drop on electric hoists is  3m or 6m).



The Challenge:

The biggest challenge was to provide a hoist where the duty cycle was sufficient enough to to be able to run through a 30m chain lift.


The Solution:

Although the client preferred a dual speed hoist, the duty cycle on a single speed hoist was higher making it the best option for a 30m chain lift.  A single speed electric chain hoist with a 30m drop was supplied to our client's satisfaction.

This successfully enabled the maintenance team to lift heavy equipment up the the maintenance platform to make repairs when necessary.