Tira Crown – Balken Synchronised 5T Electric Hoists and Trolleys

The Requirement:

Tira Crown began as a business helping the New Zealand wine industry become world famous, and is now equally dedicated to this country’s growing beverage industries. Tira Crown deliver the right design, fabrication and installation of storage and process vessels – all with the same solid reputation for quality and dependability.

They needed to find a solution to move large wine vats along a production line.

The Challenge:

They requested 2 x 5 Ton Electric Chain Hoists and Trolleys to move the vats along the production line.  The issue was that they needed the hoist to be synchronised to work together from one remote control, but also wanted to be able to use them separately from the same controller.

The Solution:

After scoping the project and understanding what the customer was trying to achieve we supplied the Balken Master Series hoists and trolleys.

The hoists were supplied with 15m chain drop, factory set up with remote controls for tandem or single movement of the hoist trolleys with dual speed, plus dual speed controls for the chain hoist - again working in tandem or single hoist lift/lower.