Geo Thermal Power Station Wairakei – Davit Crane

The Requirement:

This new Geo Thermal Power Station had many on-site applications where pumps and motors were required to be lifted out of well situations for regular checking and servicing. A simple one man lifting device was required for this procedure, that could be simply transported from point to point around the large site.

The Challenge:

There are several standards ‘off the shelf’ davits that could be used in this application. Points that required to be ascertained was the weight of each load, the height of the lift required and the reach of the beam.

A requirement to lift the pumps out of the wells and over a guardrail was a challenge that had to be addressed.  Each position around the plant was carefully documented and considered. After consultation with the client, it was suggested one davit could fulfill a number of the required lifts.

The Solution:

  • Our client required a simple easily transportable system. As there were many positions on the site, and after having considered all the lifting applications, a Turn 5110 Davit Crane with a manual winch and 6.00m of wire rope on the spool was chosen for this application.
  • Simple in design, robust in construction and light in weight made this unit the obvious choice.
  • A number of extra bases were supplied, and these were bolted to concrete foundations at each well around the site.
  • One Davit Crane and 6 bases.
  • A very efficient and economical solution for this Geo Thermal Power Station.
  • The contractors on the site fixed the bases to the concrete foundation with standard galvanised Trubolts.
  • A solution for this difficult application and challenge was achieved through our team, working closely with our client and their contractors.