Fork Spreader (No Back) – 2500KG

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Fork Spreader (No Back) – 2500KG


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Fork spreaders have been designed to safely lift extra wide or flexible loads, helping to prevent goods such as roof sheets, timber or plasterboard from becoming damaged.  The fork spreader evenly distributes the load over the length of the attachment while moving/transporting.  This slip-on attachment is simple to use and is secured to the lift truck by a safety chain.

Often used to stabilise wide loads of unstable products such as gyprock, steel bar or pipe that is manufactured and supplied in long random lengths.  The fork-mounted spreader beam mounts over the forks of any standard forklift truck in seconds, adding stability to the load through a rigid beam carrying two extra forks. When elevated, the load acts as a single unit, eliminating any sag that could cause it to fall.


  • Fork length: 1200mm
  • Horizontal centre of gravity: 300mm
  • Vertical centre of gravity: 60mm
  • Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359.1
Product Code WLL (kg) Width (mm) Unit Weight (kg) Pocket Size (mm) Pocket Centre (mm)
FJA-19-625 2500 3000 225 160 x 60 775
FJA-19-626 2500 5000 240 160 x 60 775

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