Quick assembly, certified lift points, mobility and practicality

When the maintenance manager for Holcim New Zealand in Westport saw the lightweight, aluminium Stratalign gantry, he could instantly see the real safety and practical benefits it could bring to their work site. “With the increasing requirement for best practice throughout industry, we’ve acknowledged that tasks once undertaken in the past now have better methods and practices available.

We have site procedures relating to lift points now being required to be certified.” Hence the need for the gantry crane, he says. Holcim has used the Stratalign gantry crane for extracting bagged material from hatches underground on site. “Also to aid the removal of our Terex dump truck bearing and brake assembles. Plus we have a planned job for the removal and replacement of a one tonne transformer. The transformer needs to be lifted and railed over other equipment and out of a building”.

When asked what he specifically likes about the Stratalign gantry crane, he listed “the quick assembly, certified lift points, the mobility and practicality.”



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