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Portable Gantry Cranes

Portable gantry cranes are small overhead bridge-style gantry crane systems that are small enough and robust enough to easily manoeuvre around the workplace.

The casters (i.e. rubber wheels) of a portable gantry crane system give the eponymous portability, providing ease of movement to reposition and handle various loads throughout the facility.


When to use a portable gantry crane

Portable gantry crane systems are ideal for workplaces with limited space and varying load sizes. Commonly used for heavy fabrication applications or outdoor yards, portable gantry crane systems are typically used to lift and hold the load in place while it is being worked on, fabricated or assembled, and are specifically helpful for maintenance on hard-to-reach machinery or working in confined spaces.

The benefits of portable cranes are clearly apparent in their ability to be positioned with relative ease, providing a mobile lifting capability, with customised solutions available for almost all types of material and equipment handling. When not in use, portable gantry cranes are easily moved and stored safely away to offer greater space saving and floor space flexibility.

Stratalign portable gantry cranes

As New Zealand’s industrial crane experts, we supply a range of top quality portable gantry cranes, designed to meet exacting application requirements.

We use extensive industry knowledge to handpick reputable brands that we know are reliable and safe, ensuring our customers get the right lifting solution product.

Which portable gantry crane is best for your situation?

The term “portable gantry crane” covers a wide range of mobile crane solutions, with a variety of overhead bridge designs. The defining feature of a portable gantry crane is the portability, but the durability and ease of use are also important lesser-known considerations, alongside maximum loading weight capacity.

A few common portable gantry crane types include:

Moveable gantry crane – aluminium

This aluminium portable crane is a unique piece of lifting equipment that can be moved with the load suspended.

Foldable gantry crane – aluminium

Foldable lateral stands make this crane unit easy to move, transport and store with a capacity up to 1,500kg and lift height up to 4 metres.

Portal lateral stand – aluminium

This attachment is available for all model sizes and amplifies the aluminium gantry crane system as it offers many new fields of application. The lateral stand comes into use when the standard stand can’t be positioned directly behind the load.

Steel gantry crane – Balken

Balken portable steel gantry crane systems are very effective and versatile units.

A mobile lifting device that has the ability to handle a variety of loads in the workshop or factory environment. Being adjustable to varying heights and on castors makes this unit an essential piece of equipment for safe & effective lifting requirements.

Counterbalanced workshop cranes

<p.Both the fixed and the 360 degree rotating units are perfect lifting devices for an unlimited number of applications throughout industries, including; manufacturing, printing, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical and general maintenance.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you

Portable gantry cranes can play an important role in many material handling operations; but, as with all heavy machinery, care must be taken to ensure that the appropriate technical limitations of the equipment are respected and its use is as intended.

Our experienced team of engineers and technical staff can help you choose the perfect portable gantry crane to meet all your needs, improving the efficiency and safety of your material handling operation by ensuring you have the ‘right tool for the job.’

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an obligation-free consultation and quote.

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