We Are Online

We Are Online

These are unprecedented times, nobody really knows how or when it will end but we would like to offer everybody our best wishes in this time, please keep yourself and your family as safe as possible.

As a key provider to essential industries, our office will be working from home within the guidelines but also remain on call to support you and your team with any lifting and material handling requirements.

Some things we are doing to increase our accessibility during this time: 

  • We have installed a web chat feature onto our website https://www.stratalign.co.nz/ – this will be manned during the lockdown period and we can answer your questions during this time.
  • We have installed Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp on all sales team devices so that we can still “come to you” during this challenging time. – Click here to give it a test!
  • We are still operating a full 8am – 5pm shift and have diverted our office phones to mobile.
  • We will continue freighting through our normal channels as necessary.

Sales and Technical staff;

The Stratalign Team 


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