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Proven performers in New Zealand conditions – Stratalign hoists and trolleys

Stratalign is the New Zealand sales and service agent for the industry proven San-Ei range of air chain hoist and air trolleys.

Industrial uses in manufacturing, assembly lines, foundries, construction, oil and mining make the air hoist an obvious choice where speed, safety and efficiency are paramount.

Speed adjustable by either the controlled decompression of the pendent control or by regulating the air pressure to the hoist enables the operator to manage their lifting procedure accurately and effectively.

High duty cycles is an added bonus with San-Ei air hoists.

San-Ei air hoists are inherently flame and explosion proof in design. This feature is a necessity when a lifting operation is required in the industry of mining and oil where vapour or dust is involved.

The VLX and VMX series offers standard features that reduce maintenance, increase safety, and provide reliability, enhanced control and superior performance.

Stratalign is the sole New Zealand agent for NITCHI and BALKEN electric chain hoists.

NITCHI hoists have a well proven record in all areas of industrial applications.

One of the main explanations for the long dependable life of the EC 4 series is the helical gears in the first stage of the reduction gear system which reduces gear-tooth impact and operating vibration.

The over lifting and over lowering limit switches are one of the most important safety devices on an electric chain hoist. These are comprised of three parts: the buffer springs located at both ends of the load chain, the limit lever that positively activates the limit switch system and the limit switches that instantly stops the hoists when over lifting or over lowering.

NITCHI and BALKEN hoists are fitted with all these safety devices.

Available in single speed, dual speed, single phase and three phase, there is a hoist suited for all industrial applications.

All models are also available direct coupled to motorised, geared or plain trolleys with mechanical devices.


Source: Engineering News


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