Safe Operation Procedure for your Electric Chain Hoists

  • When operating the hoist, always maintain a firm footing and only operate from a location that will always be safe.
  • People must stay clear of the suspended load.
  • Never use the hoist to lift, support or transport people and never lift load over or near people.
  • Before lifting a load, confirm that all sections of the hoist function properly.
  • Always keep the load chain well lubricated and protect it from weld spatter or other damaging contaminants.
  • Never allow the chain or hook to be used as a ground for welding and never touch them with live welding electrodes.
  • Never use the hoist with twisted, kinked, damaged or worn chains and never attempt to lengthen the load chain.
  • Always use proper slings and attachments in the correct manner and confirm that they are seated properly in the hook.
  • Also confirm that the safety latch assembly has closed completely.
  • Never use the load chain as a sling and never apply the load to the tip of the hook.
  • Never lift more than the rated load.
  • Never operate the hoist unless the load is centred underneath it.
  • Slack must be taken up carefully. After the load has been lifted a few centimetres, confirm that the load is well balanced. When lifting, this prevents the load from swinging.
  • Never allow your attention to be diverted when operating the hoist and never leave a suspended load unattended.
  • Inspect the hoist regularly. Never use a hoist when malfunction, unusual performance, damage or extensive wear are found.
  • Never adjust or repair a hoist unless you are qualified to perform hoist maintenance.
  • Never modify the hoist. A qualified approval is required for all nonstandard applications of the hoist.
  • Use only genuine parts for repairs.
  • Never remove or obscure the warnings on the hoist.



Source; Nitchi Hoist Operation Manual


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