Forklift man cage

Is your forklift man cage compliant and safe?

Forklift Man Cage safety checklist:

  • Must be manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2359.1
  • Must have guardrails, mid rails and kick boards fitted
  • Gates must open inwards only with spring loaded latch installed for automatic closing
  • Two metre high guard must be fitted to the back of the platform. This shall be sufficiently wide that prevents contact to the lifting mechanism.
  • Must be operated with the tilt lever on the forklift controls that is locked out or made inoperable. Alternatively, must have a fall restraint system that comprises of a full harness and short lanyard to allow free movement within the confines of the platform only
  • Operating instructions must be available
  • Safe working load must be displayed in a prominent position
  • Man cage shall be properly secured to the forks in such a way that it cannot slide, tilt or be displaced
  • Should only be used by a competent forklift operator
  • Should only be used while an operator is at the controls of the forklift or there is an independent means of access to and egress from the platform.

View the Worksafe Guidelines here:


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