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Foldable Gantry Crane (Aluminium)

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AGC100  Lift Height 1.18m to 2.10m

AGC200 Lift Height 1.68m to 3.00m

AGC300  Lift Height 2.23m to 4.00m

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This aluminium portable gantry crane is a unique lifting equipment that can be readily moved into difficult confined spaces and assembled in just 5 minutes.

  • Foldable lateral stands making the crane easy to move, transport and store.
  • Capacity of up to 1500kg and a lift height up to 4m.
  • They can be assembled in 5 minutes and are very light weight so are easy for transportation.
  • Can be used in many applications such as; loading trucks and trailers, building motors, driving appliances in and out and for moving/lifting heavy loads in workshops
  • Beam lengths available from 2m up to 8m
  • The lifting capacity reduces to 1000kg when the beam length used, is greater than 5m


The benefits of portable gantry cranes are clearly apparent in their ability to offer fully customised solutions, for all types of material and equipment handling.

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AGC100, AGC200, AGC300


2m beam, 3m beam, 4m beam, 5m beam, 6m beam, 7m beam, 8m beam

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