• Load Shifting Skates

Load Shifting Skates (Balken)


Makes moving safer and easier

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Shifting, moving load skates featires;

  • Can be used whenever heavy objects need to be moved around the workshop
  • Are Heavy duty sealed bearings spread the load and to ensure ease of movement
  • Have steering rod is available for models SH-CRO-4 and SH-CRA-4
  • Available from 2000kg-12,000kg capacity
  • Turn table is available on some models
  • Dimensions of CRA Model (L*W*H): 304mm x 222mm x 110mm
  • Dimensions of CRO Model (L*W*H): 304mm x 222mm x 95mm

Our moving skates have been designed for ease of use and maximum safety in mind.

Works best on flat smooth surface free from dirt or other obstructions.

Alternative terminology; shifting sakes, load skates, heavy load rollers


Model Capacity (kg) L x W x H (mm) Rollers (pcs) Net Weight (kg)
SK2T 2000 115 x 270 x 110 2 nylon 7.5
SH-CRA-4 6000 304 x 222 x 110 4 PU 14.5
SH-CRA-6 8000 402 x 222 x 110 6 PU 18.5
SH-CRA-8 12,000 480 x 225 x 110 8 PU 22.5
SH-CRO-4 6000 304 x 222 x 95 4 PU 13
SH-CRO-6 8000 402 x 222 x 95 6 PU 17
SH-CRO-8 12,000 480 x 225 x 95 8 PU 21

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6000kg, 8000kg, 12000kg

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