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Drum Dumper

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Code: FDH-18-504

See specifications below.

This forklift drum dumper is designed for fast and economical 205 litre drum emptying. A belly strap with an eccentric lock holds the drum firmly in position. To release the drum, the operator pulls the draw chord from the drivers seat. With the C of G forward of the pivot, the drum tips forward 180 degrees plus automatically. This attachment is ideal for scrap and waste products. The standards finish of this unit is enamel painted.


  • Working Load Limit (WLL) 500kg
  • Pocket size 185 x 60mm
  • Pocket centres 840mm
  • Load Centre 950mm
  • Unit Weight 85kg
  • 180 degree plus rotation
  • Horizontal C of G 685mm
  • Manufactured strictly in accordance with AS 2359.1
Product Code SWL (kg) Fork Pocket Size (mm) Load Centre


Unit Weight (kg)
FDH-18-504 500 180 x 60 950 85

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