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  • C Hooks

C Hooks

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  • Designed to lift and transport one coil at a time
  • Counterweight self-balanced structure
  • Easy hand manipulation through side handle
  • Coatings and protective strips are available to product whilst in transit to avoid damage, under customers request
  • Minimum height loss

C hooks attachments are designed to handle and lift coils of product in a balanced controlled way. A wide range of capacities, sizes and design styles are available to suit client requirements. There are several types of C Hooks available for your application. From left to right; Turner C, Double C, Rotating C, Coil Clamp, 3 Hook and Simple C.


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Selecting the right attachment to suit your specific needs and achieve your goals can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, you can entrust this process to a reputable company whose missing to its clients makes sound business sense – to lift your productivity and profitability through innovative attachments. Let Stratalign lift for you.

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