Rotating Waste Bins

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Rotating Waste Bins 2000kg

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Forklift waste bins heavy load capacity storage bins suitable for all waste products.


  • Heavy duty bins suitable for all waste products
  • Space saving shape allows bins to nest inside each other for transport and storage
  • Available in 1000kg capacity made from 3mm plate or 2000kg capacity made from 5mm plate
  • Bins are fitted with two- or four-way entry fork pockets allowing for emptying with forklifts fitted with rotator, as well as being fitted with crane lugs and upending lugs for emptying by crane
  • Cast iron or rubber wheels optional
  • Painted or galvanised finish
Product Code Fork Pocket Size (mm) Fork Pocket Centres (mm) Capacity cu/m SWL (kg) Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Unit Weight (kg)
STCB-112 165 x 65 585 0.75 1000 1200 1230 895 150
STCB-115 165 x 65 865 1.25 1000 1500 1230 1095 180
STCB-121 165 x 65 865 1.80 1000 2100 1230 1095 230
STCB-212 165 x 65 585 0.75 2000 1200 1230 895 220
STCB-215 165 x 65 865 1.25 2000 1500 1230 1095 290
STCB-221 165 x 65 865 1.80 2000 2100 1230 1095 380

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1000kg, 2000kg


0.75cu/m, 1.25cu/m, 1.80cu/m

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