​Counterbalanced cranes, essential for every industry…​

The new AxA counterbalanced crane designed and manufactured in Italy and marketed throughout Australasia by Stratalign Limited is an extremely innovative tool.

Excellent quality is guaranteed by means of strict control systems throughout the production process. All the components for these units are manufactured in Italy which only enhances the overall quality of the counterbalanced Cranes.

The cranes, both fixed and the 360° rotating units are the perfect lifting device for an unlimited number of applications throughout the industry including manufacturing, printing, food processing, plastics, pharmaceutical and general maintenance. Each model is certified to NZ and International Standards which provides added assurance of using a superior device.

All the Counterbalanced Cranes are fitted with block valves that prevent the load from falling due to an external incident and also with maximum pressure relief valves that halt machine overload.
The units are highly maneuverable even with a maximum capacity load and can be moved without effort in the most extreme working environment.


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