Goods Crane Cage

Goods Crane Cage


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These goods cage are made for the transport of loose or palletised goods using either a forklift or crane. The full width gate allows 1200mm square pallets to be placed inside the cage if required (FMC-19-125).

Crane lugs in the bottom corners allow the cage to be stacked – three high when empty, two high when full. This is delivered flat-packed to save on freight, so allow up to 20 minutes assembly. Comes in zinc finish with an instruction manual and certification included


  • Safe Working Load up to 1,000kg
  • Fork Pockets
  • Stackable
  • 4 crane lift hook points
  • Crane lifting chains not included
  • Fits a standard pallet.


Product Code SWL (kg) Unit Weight (kg) Gate opening (mm) External Size (mm)
FMC-19-060 250 80 0 600 square
FMC-19-100 1000 120 850 1000 square
FMC 19-125 1000 170 1250 1350 square x 1153 high


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